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I write for those little children with licking dreams

with bodies enfeebled from famishment.

They are the upper echelon of misery;

an abstract of pauperism,

with hearts split into millets of mournful morrows.

I write for those little twinkling stars

plucked from those skies

with a burin made from broken bones,

ink extracted from crimson tears and

a roll of parchment from their scratched skins.

I write for those little children unmothered

by murderers,

sucklings snatched from milky breasts,

blastulas buried before breathing life.

I write for those brave children

that tried to dance to the rhythms of machine guns,

striplings who counted bullets in numerals

that shed no tear at the sight of slaughter

who now see munitions as children’s toys.

I write for those children with savaged souls

in Northen heavens

that rehearse their deaths daily

before the Grim Reaper finally arrives.

My pen heralds those caged voices

and supplicates for their freedom

from sorrow's embrace,

for them is to rise and soar

like the mythical phoenix from ashes.

Hopeless Romantic

my love for you was pure

as the naked heavens.

I poured my heart out

like the rendering sea in passionate wave on wave.

I loved you with my whole;

with each facet of my being

(love is never too much (?) they say)

but you hushed me

like a breathless lyre.

my heart fell on the ground,

broke into pieces like a silvery,

shimmering shower of hail.

the sudden thought of your face now

is like a wound when it comes unsought...

a hopeless romantic I am

for I still search for your name

in griffonages written with broken stars.

About The Poet

Sodiq Oyekanmi is a Nigerian poet and a student of the University of Ibadan,

where he currently studies Theatre Arts. He enjoys writing poetry as a creative

outlet that enables him to reflect the word around him. He believes mam must

cling to hope even if it's all he has. His writing is his way of changing the world.

His works Maybe One Day, Frozen Tears and Someday are published on He is currently working on his first poetry chapbook.

He tweets @ Sodiq_Oyekan.

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