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Komalroop Kaler

“Forget about everything. Just feel. There is no aura or essence that exits from the poem. The feeling won’t come to you unless you pick up the poem and read it. As you read out loud, the sounds and vibrations are felt in each organ of your body. The sounds echo off our bones, flow through our windpipes and bounce off the walls of our rooms. Our sound and voice are like the engine oil needed to move a poem. Human beings read language to feel it. Aura and essence don’t come from a poem. It’s the other way around. Our aura and essence animate the poem. The poem feels us too. Poetry and poems are incomplete without us.”


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Komalroop Kaler is a poet, essayist, and story writer. She is an English, Creative Writing and Professional Writing and Communication graduate from the University of Toronto. Komalroop’s work is rooted in humanitarianism, politics and culture. She is passionate about weaving history into fiction and non-fiction writing. Her poetry pieces are published in the campus newspaper, The Medium. Her fiction short story will be published in the campus magazine, Slate Magazine VII in April 2022. 

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